Project Schedule


Project Proposal                        15th Nov 2013

Functional Specification                    16th Dec 2013

First 2 Blog posts & Site                    1st Jan 2014

Finish Installation docs, investigate keylogger        10th Feb 2014

Investigate logging mechanisms                24th Feb 2014

Finish Key logging module  investigation          17th Mar 2014

Key logging module code & blog post completed       24th Mar 2014

Data exfiltration, remote access and Network tricks    28th Apr 2014

Finish all code items, User manuals & docs    19th May 2014

Demonstration practice and polishing (finished)        26th May 2014

Submission of Project Documentation            3rd June 2014

Final Year Project Expo                    4th June 2014

Project Demos                        5th-6th, 9th-10th

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